Real-time Ultra-large-Scale High-resolution macroscopy (RUSH)


Real-time Ultra-large-Scale High-resolution macroscopy (RUSH) is the largest field-of-view high resolution microscopy in the world. It is designed for various applications in life science.

Technical Specifications


Large-scale imaging of biological dynamics at high resolution in vivo is fundamental for systems biology. For example, large-scale recording of neural network activity in vivo, is set as one of the major goals of both BRAIN Initiative and Chinese Brain Project.

However, conventional microscopes could not complete the requirements of both high optical resolution and large field-of-view (FoV) simultaneously. And recent reports on mesoscopes are still of low data throughput..

Our innovations:


Real-time, Ultra-large-Scale imaging at High resolution (RUSH) macroscope:

The largest FoV, highest throughput macroscope at high resolution at the moment.

Experiment results